Change of Season

With frost possible overnight I decided to pick all the peppers regardless of size or maturity.     Okay, now what do I do with them?!… Cayennes, poblanos, jalapeños, Padrones, Marconis, banana peppers, bell peppers and Cubanelles.   Speaking of peppers… People associate the color red with heat, but peppers, like other fruits and vegetables, … More Change of Season

Cheesy Spinach Jalapeño Bombs

Ever since I saw Sandhya’s Jalapeño-Poppah-Aappah ( I was determined to try them. Sandhya at creates brilliant original recipes and has a knack for coming up with quicker, easier and healthier versions of traditional dishes. I didn’t duplicate Sandhya’s recipe exactly but hers was the inspiration for my endeavor. It seems that many of the South … More Cheesy Spinach Jalapeño Bombs

Stuffed Jalapeños

Anyone who has read very many of my posts knows I love jalapeños. I use them a lot. If it occurred to me I might even consider putting them in granola. On second thought… Nah. I am also a lover of cheese, although I consciously try to limit the amount I eat and how often. … More Stuffed Jalapeños