Stuffed Jalapeños

Anyone who has read very many of my posts knows I love jalapeños. I use them a lot. If it occurred to me I might even consider putting them in granola. On second thought… Nah. I am also a lover of cheese, although I consciously try to limit the amount I eat and how often. … More Stuffed Jalapeños

Canning In The Rain

Yesterday was intended to be canning day but it took all the time I wanted to spend on it just halving and deseeding the jalapeños. Having gone through two cracked ceramic stovetops I have learned not subject the present stovetop to the weight of a canning operation. Instead, I set up the three burner Coleman® … More Canning In The Rain

Spinach & Paneer Stuffed Mushrooms & Jalapeños

When making the mushroom filling for the spinach crepes yesterday I set aside a few of the larger mushrooms to stuff later. For the stuffing I used: shredded paneer cheese parboiled and chopped spinach tomato powder chopped walnuts green mole (mole verde) powder chipotle Tex-Mex seasoning salt Green mole consists largely of pumpkin seed meal … More Spinach & Paneer Stuffed Mushrooms & Jalapeños