Patties From Leftovers

There were some unused elements leftover from making the stuffed peppers (mentioned in my last post). I used them today along with a few additional ingredients to make patties. There was cooked rice and some of the seitan filling that wouldn’t fit into the peppers. To that I added freshly shredded carrot. For no particular reason … More Patties From Leftovers


The refrigerator was suddenly inundated with leftovers. First we enjoyed them again as they were. Then it was time to change them up a bit. Leftover green beans, carrots and broccoli were added to leftover store-bought dosa batter to make savory vegetable pancakes/uttappam.   To accompany the veggie pancakes I used leftover frozen (freezer burned?) … More Leftovers

Red Beans & Brown Rice Make A Tasty Burrito

Today was leftovers day. I realize the thought of someone else’s leftovers may not always be the most appealing, but having been intimately involved in every aspect of the food’s preparation and history I eagerly anticipated it. The fact is, some dishes develop the best flavor by spending the night in the refrigerator. The red … More Red Beans & Brown Rice Make A Tasty Burrito

Leftover Rice Omelet

One of my favorite ways to use up leftover rice is in an egg dish for breakfast. In this case the leftover rice was from the last time we ate at a Mexican restaurant.   I enjoyed my leftover rice omelet with probiotic fermented salsa and datil pepper hot sauce.