Mango Pickle

I have been a lover of mango pickle ever since my Indian roommates at boarding school in India shared their homemade mango pickle with me. When I spotted these green (unripe) mangoes in the market my first thought was mango pickle.   The one time I made mango pickle a couple years ago I did … More Mango Pickle

Christmas In February

It was sort of like Christmas today. Almost six months ago, as an experiment, I made a couple batches of mango pickle and they have been sitting at room temperature on top of the China cabinet ever since. Other than the rare occasions I happened to look up there the canisters have been out of … More Christmas In February

Mango Pickle ?

I love mango pickle! I have always wanted to try making my own but have never run across raw (green) mangoes until I found some today in a Hispanic grocery store. Now I am in search of a recipe. My roommates at boarding school in North India used to get mango pickle from home and … More Mango Pickle ?