Green Mango Sauce

Apples that weren’t hard, dry and woody were difficult to find in South India during the 1950s and 1960s. Americans living there at the time who missed having apple sauce commonly substituted with homemade guava sauce and/or green mango sauce. Sweetening the sourness of green/unripe mangoes required a fair amount of sugar. When I saw … More Green Mango Sauce

Ramps, Mango, Hatch Chiles & Curried Tofu With Brown Rice

This may sound like a strange combination of ingredients but they really worked well together. I had bought several mangos and found them disappointingly sour, stringy and not very tasty. I thought cooking might sweeten them up a little bit. Also, I like the way sweet and savory sometimes compliment each other, at least to … More Ramps, Mango, Hatch Chiles & Curried Tofu With Brown Rice

Fruit Salad

On our most recent trip to Patel Brothers we purchased a couple boxes of Ataulfo mangoes. I had initially picked up one box, but at the register was told they were “buy one get one free,” so of course I grabbed another.   Most of the mangoes have now been cut and frozen.   We … More Fruit Salad

Peach & Mango Cobbler

It is peach season, and our favorite place to buy peaches is McLeod Farms near McBee, South Carolina. They grow 22 varieties of peaches, so their peach season lasts for over 3 months. Sometimes our excursions happen to pass by there, and sometimes we take a drive specifically to go to McLeod Farms. Last weekend … More Peach & Mango Cobbler

Mango Salad

If you love Halloumi but have difficulty finding it in stores or find it cost prohibitive, Queso De Freir is an excellent alternative. It browns nicely with minimal melting. This simple salad must really be good because I looked back and I have done virtually the same thing at least once before. The salad today consisted of: … More Mango Salad

Going With The Flow

When winging it in the kitchen (which is the way I operate) little surprises have a way of coming up forcing one to make adjustments and go with the flow. The box of mangoes we bought was starting to ripen and I was really looking forward to enjoying big chunks of caramelized mangoes on whole wheat … More Going With The Flow