Chicken-less Pot Pie

First of all the disclaimer, I am not a pastry chef or a baker, so I knew before starting this was not going to be pretty. I did have a pretty good idea it would, at least, taste good. There wasn’t much (store-bought) piecrust dough left in the fridge and what there was wasn’t in … More Chicken-less Pot Pie

Vegetarian / Vegan “Chicken” Seasoning

Ok. Here it is, as promised. A recipe for “chicken” seasoning. There are several recipes out there mimicking McKay’s® Chicken Style Seasoning. I kept it simple by using the same measurement for most of the ingredients. I pulverized all the herbs in a spice/coffee grinder before adding to the main ingredient, nutritional yeast flakes. Any … More Vegetarian / Vegan “Chicken” Seasoning