Couldn’t Decide

There was leftover pizza sauce and leftover refried black beans. Should I use the pizza sauce to make pizza, or use the beans to make nachos? Using an ultra thin crust I did a little of both. The sauce was spread on the outer portion of the crust and the black beans in the middle. … More Couldn’t Decide

Black Bean Nacho Bites

This makes two indulgent meals in a row. Perhaps it balances out with the salad I had yesterday and the salad I better have tomorrow. Each taco bite had a dab of black beans (seasoned with chili powder, cumin and coriander), shredded cheese (Colby/Jack and Mexican melting cheese), sweet onions and pickled jalapeño.     … More Black Bean Nacho Bites

What I Crave

One of the junk food items I allow myself to bring into the house and keep on hand is corn chips. I love Fritos® as a salad topping, especially a Tex-Mex black bean or haystack type salad. Sure, you can dip a carrot or piece of cauliflower into salsa or guacamole, but sometimes there is … More What I Crave

Nachos & Guacamole

Found some very small but mature tomatillos in the garden. A couple avocados needed to be eaten, and there were also a couple of sweet red peppers from the garden, so I decided to make guacamole. I put the tomatillos, peppers and a radish in a small food processor and gave them a coarse grind. … More Nachos & Guacamole