Greek Omelet/Frittata

I knew we would be taking the kayak out to Cane Creek… …and that called for a hearty breakfast: eggs minced sweet onion minced mild jalapeño (“coolapeño”) spinach fresh basil tomatoes nonfat Greek yogurt feta cheese salt  

A Harebrained Experiment & A Fairly Normal Breakfast

You will likely think I’ve really gone off the deep end this time. I found this Hot Pepper Raspberry Chipotle Sauce on the reduced price/discontinued items rack at the grocery store and thought it looked interesting. I like the combination of sweet and heat, so I bought it. Then this morning I got the harebrained … More A Harebrained Experiment & A Fairly Normal Breakfast

Breakfast Hoagie

I figured it was time we enjoyed some of that buffalo cheese we got at the Fading D  Farm over a week ago. The cheeses made at Fading D Farm are made to resemble various Italian cheeses, but since cheeses are often named after the local where they are produced Fading D must come up … More Breakfast Hoagie