Fruitless Fruitcake

This post should come with a slew of warning labels, disclaimers, full disclosures, user agreements and paragraphs of legalese in fine print. A user agreement would require that any and all information related herein, good or bad, be disregarded and be considered useless if not dangerous and should not be tried at home. I have … More Fruitless Fruitcake

Chilaca Pepper Sauce

This year I grew Chilaca/Pasilla chile peppers for the first time. The Chilaca is a long slim dark green pepper that turns dark brown when ripe. The dried Chilaca is known as Pasilla Bajio (little raisin), or simply Pasilla. The much wider, thicker walled Poblano chile is sometimes incorrectly labeled as Pasilla. The Poblano pepper … More Chilaca Pepper Sauce

Change of Season

With frost possible overnight I decided to pick all the peppers regardless of size or maturity.     Okay, now what do I do with them?!… Cayennes, poblanos, jalapeños, Padrones, Marconis, banana peppers, bell peppers and Cubanelles.   Speaking of peppers… People associate the color red with heat, but peppers, like other fruits and vegetables, … More Change of Season

Angel Hair Pasta With Yellow Pepper Sauce (& lots of other good stuff)

I had my eye on a sweet bell pepper in the garden slowly transitioning to yellow. It still had a slight tinge of green but I decided to enjoy it before the insects did. I’ve done projects with green peppers and with red peppers, so maybe it was time for a yellow pepper project. There … More Angel Hair Pasta With Yellow Pepper Sauce (& lots of other good stuff)