A Very Confused inside-out, upside-down Biscuit Pizza

A tube of biscuit dough somehow ended up in my shopping cart the last time I went grocery shopping. Imagine my horror and chagrin at the discovery nwhen I was back at home putting the groceries away. Perhaps another shopper and I momentarily confused each other’s cart for our own. I hope they enjoy the … More A Very Confused inside-out, upside-down Biscuit Pizza

Friday Night Pizza!

There was a time when (for I won’t tell you how many decades) Friday night was without fail pizza night. Then suddenly we were burned out on pizza and it rarely crossed our minds… until a snow storm was predicted in the South where snow storms are not so common. Without forethought, as if something … More Friday Night Pizza!


I made this simple tomato sauce with mushrooms today and a WordPress friend made a remark regarding pizza this weekend. Even though I had no such plans, myself, it got my imagination and cravings going. Next thing I knew I was putting together a pizza midweek, not even waiting until the weekend. Friday night used … More Pizza

Upside-down Pizza

It was bread baking day again. After the first rise I kept some of the dough aside to make a couple of mini pizza crusts. What I had in mind was to construct the pizzas upside-down and in reverse starting with the pizza toppings at the bottom, portobello mushroom caps being the uppermost topping. I … More Upside-down Pizza