Stuffed Pasta Shells

Sometimes when I awaken in the night, unless there is a very good dream I wish to slip back into, I utilize those waking moments to plan for the next day. The idea for this dish was conceived during one such middle of the night musing. The other day this butternut squash pasta sauce caught … More Stuffed Pasta Shells

Two Soups

The plan was to make poblano pepper soup for our second meal of the day. In preparation for that this morning I charred and peeled several chili peppers using a torch. As the skin chars it makes a crackling and popping sound and sometimes even shoots sparks. After the charred peppers rest a few minutes … More Two Soups

Asparagus / Poblano Chili Omelet With Jalapeño Cream Cheese

The plan was to stuff a poblano pepper with a tofu and mushroom mixture I had prepared. That plan came to a screeching halt when I realized my torch was useless because the  MAPP gas canister was empty. I popped the pepper in the oven to roast it under the broiler and left it there … More Asparagus / Poblano Chili Omelet With Jalapeño Cream Cheese