Vegetable Powders

Sometimes when there is an over abundance of vegetables coming out of the garden or a good price on produce at the market I have been known to dehydrate and grind them into powder for use in soups, gravies, casseroles etc. or even sprinkled over popcorn. They can add flavor, color and at least some … More Vegetable Powders


Last fall, as usual, I dug up all the turmeric and brought the rhizomes into the house for the winter. I loosely tied them in doubled up plastic shopping bags and wrapped that inside a garbage bag. They stayed that way all winter in a dark corner of the house. A couple days ago I … More Turmeric

Last Of The Ramps

Other than a few of the best looking specimens, the rest of this years supply of ramps have been preserved, either by freezing or drying, and put away, committed for use in the distant future. The green leaves were dehydrated and ground into a powder in a coffee grinder which is devoted to herbs and spices … More Last Of The Ramps

Christmas In February

It was sort of like Christmas today. Almost six months ago, as an experiment, I made a couple batches of mango pickle and they have been sitting at room temperature on top of the China cabinet ever since. Other than the rare occasions I happened to look up there the canisters have been out of … More Christmas In February

Probiotic Salsa

  We love salsa! Salsa has the important role of creating a first impression on a first visit to a new Mexican restaurant. It is one of several elements which combine to form our opinions of the establishment (the margaritas are another important criteria). Cilantro is an ingredient I like to see in a salsa. I have … More Probiotic Salsa

Dried Datil Peppers

Every few days I go out to pick peppers and whatever else my neglected garden happens to be producing. The Datil peppers were slow to get started but once they did they have been consistently putting out these little gems. This is the first year I have grown or tasted this variety of pepper and … More Dried Datil Peppers