Red Beans & Spinach Tacos With Brown Rice Tortillas

Had another go at brown rice tortillas, this time as a folded taco. I added tomato paste and chipotle Tex-Mex seasoning to some red beans which I had cooked in the Crock-Pot® the other night. Onions, garlic, jalapeños and spinach were sautéed with a little olive oil. I loaded the reheated beans, spinach and water buffalo … More Red Beans & Spinach Tacos With Brown Rice Tortillas

Green Upma

We were planning to go see an early afternoon movie so decided the best way to schedule our meals was to eat a hearty late morning brunch and then eat out on the way home later in the afternoon. That meant there was plenty of time to make upma, this time with spinach. I sautéed … More Green Upma

What I Crave

One of the junk food items I allow myself to bring into the house and keep on hand is corn chips. I love Fritos® as a salad topping, especially a Tex-Mex black bean or haystack type salad. Sure, you can dip a carrot or piece of cauliflower into salsa or guacamole, but sometimes there is … More What I Crave