Eggplant, Beet Greens & Mushrooms Quesadilla

A basic quesadilla, as served in American restaurants, consists of cheese in a toasted flour tortilla. Other, more healthy offerings may include spinach, mushrooms, mixed vegetables, chicken etc in addition to the cheese. When I occasionally make quesadillas at home I am sure to use whole wheat tortillas rather than the ones made with white … More Eggplant, Beet Greens & Mushrooms Quesadilla

Goat Cheese Quesadilla With Brown Rice Tortillas

I had mixed impressions regarding the recently purchased brown rice tortillas, and wanted to ensure positive results using the last two in the package. In my previous experiences I was favorably impressed with how crisp they were, but not so much with their total lack of flavor. I was determined that this quesadilla would have plenty … More Goat Cheese Quesadilla With Brown Rice Tortillas

Marsala Mushrooms & Blue Cheese Quesadilla

It may not be typical breakfast fare for most people, but we enjoyed mushroom quesadillas for breakfast this morning. It started by cooking sliced mushrooms in a dry skillet. I used baby portobellos and a few shiitake mushrooms. I let the mushrooms cook, stirring occasionally, until they stopped sweating out liquid and the liquid was drying … More Marsala Mushrooms & Blue Cheese Quesadilla

Spinach & Paneer Quesadillas With Whole Wheat Tortillas

I’ve been wanting to make a flavored paneer for some time, and last night I finally got around to it. The obvious choice to season paneer would be Indian spices, but even though I didn’t yet have a specific plan for the cottage cheese I decided, on a whim, to use my Tex-Mex Chipotle Seasoning … More Spinach & Paneer Quesadillas With Whole Wheat Tortillas