Basil Cream Sauce

The basil was beginning to flower, and it was time to top the plants to prolong the growing season. With plenty of pesto in the freezer the clippings might as well be used somehow in the next meal. Purslane weeds in the garden were also maturing and needed to either be eaten or pulled up … More Basil Cream Sauce

The Yearly Ramps Run

Today we made our annual day trip to the mountains to procure this year’s supply of ramps (ramson). When we travel we like to get an early start, often before daybreak, and travel a ways before stopping to get some breakfast. This is especially advantageous when it’s necessary to pass through a congested urban area … More The Yearly Ramps Run

Ramps, Mango, Hatch Chiles & Curried Tofu With Brown Rice

This may sound like a strange combination of ingredients but they really worked well together. I had bought several mangos and found them disappointingly sour, stringy and not very tasty. I thought cooking might sweeten them up a little bit. Also, I like the way sweet and savory sometimes compliment each other, at least to … More Ramps, Mango, Hatch Chiles & Curried Tofu With Brown Rice