Cabbage Foogath Wrap

I recently used up the supply of coconut in the freezer so it was time to scrape another coconut. I like how the crank shaft of the coconut scraper fit perfectly through the hole in the flexible cutting board and held it in place. Most of the scraped coconut went into the freezer but I … More Cabbage Foogath Wrap

Red Cabbage Slaw With Roasted Pepper Dressing

I put together a red cabbage slaw with a homemade dressing for lunch today. The ingredients for the dressing were: deseeded and partially peeled roasted mini peppers (orange, yellow & red) apple cider vinegar a little sugar chopped oil marinated sun-dried tomatoes including some of the oil 1/4 of a small onion salt olive oil … More Red Cabbage Slaw With Roasted Pepper Dressing