Garden Salad

I was cleaning out a few garden beds where plants had either been harvested or gone to seed and ran across these two Alpine King radishes. As old as I knew them to be I expected them to be woody or pithy, but they were tender and just right. I included one of them in … More Garden Salad

Tarragon Honey Mustard Dressing

It was an ordinary salad: iceberg lettuce butter lettuce radicchio cilantro jalapeño mushrooms red onions grape tomatoes garbanzos The dressing wasn’t so ordinary: spring onions (white parts) fresh French tarragon garlic clove apple cider vinegar honey yellow mustard olive oil salt xanthan gum If you like fennel salad you would probably like this dressing.  

Red Cabbage Slaw With Roasted Pepper Dressing

I put together a red cabbage slaw with a homemade dressing for lunch today. The ingredients for the dressing were: deseeded and partially peeled roasted mini peppers (orange, yellow & red) apple cider vinegar a little sugar chopped oil marinated sun-dried tomatoes including some of the oil 1/4 of a small onion salt olive oil … More Red Cabbage Slaw With Roasted Pepper Dressing