Tex-Mex Salad

Six recently purchased avocados ripened at the same time, so it seemed like a good time to make a salad. By the time a little bit of this was added to a little bit of that there was as much salad as the two of us would be able to eat, so there are still … More Tex-Mex Salad

Barley & Corn Salad

This salad started out with cooked pearled barley, roasted corn, sautéed Padron peppers, cucumber, celery leaves and stems and green onions.   For more flavor I added chopped feta cheese. Even this late in the season asparagus will occasionally send up a lone spear. I threw that in too.       The salad desperately needed a dressing. … More Barley & Corn Salad

Jicama Salad

Ingredients: jicama sweet red onion yellow bell pepper green jalapeño ripe red jalapeños dates golden hominy fresh sage peppermint To prevent oxidation the cut jicama was soaked in water and vinegar until ready to use. I changed my mind about using sweet corn and used golden hominy instead.   Cilantro would have been a perfectly … More Jicama Salad

Garden Salad

Today we enjoyed the first salad of the year made mostly of things growing in the garden. As I often do, I just washed the vegetables and laid them out on the counter for each person to tear into bite sized pieces and assemble their own salad. Ingredients from the garden were: parsley spinach tender … More Garden Salad


A Mexican restaurant we used to frequent would bring three different salsas in carafes to the table along with the complimentary chips. All three were excellent salsas, but our favorite was the salsa verde which obviously had avocado as an ingredient. Despite being tempered with avocado it was the most picante of the three. Since … More Salsa/Guac