Peach Chutney

It was time to do something with the last two peaches in the refrigerator. I set about making something, I wasn’t sure what, that was both sweet and savory. I blanched the peaches, peeled them and tossed them with white wine vinegar to discourage oxidation. It started out with sautéing onion, garlic, a Serrano, a … More Peach Chutney

Green Mango Sauce

Apples that weren’t hard, dry and woody were difficult to find in South India during the 1950s and 1960s. Americans living there at the time who missed having apple sauce commonly substituted with homemade guava sauce and/or green mango sauce. Sweetening the sourness of green/unripe mangoes required a fair amount of sugar. When I saw … More Green Mango Sauce

Two Sauces

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… of two sauces: Green Peppercorn Gravy & Cashew Mustard Sauce.   I had been curious for some time about green peppercorns and finally got ahold of some. I normally reject dented cans. That’s one of the drawbacks of ordering online.   For my first time trying … More Two Sauces

Mixed Herb Sauce

Recent rains have the herbs in the garden looking pretty good right now. Some of them will die back when the really cold weather gets here but others, like parsley, flourish in winter. While there are still so many choices I decided to put together an herb sauce. I picked a bunch of parsley, some … More Mixed Herb Sauce

Enchilada Sauce

Our tomatoes haven’t done well for the last several years. This year was no better. Every few days I bring in a few small tomatoes, mostly from wild plants which came up voluntarily. It takes a week’s accumulation to make a small batch of tomato sauce sufficient for one dish or perhaps two. Roasted tomatoes … More Enchilada Sauce

Basil Cream Sauce

The basil was beginning to flower, and it was time to top the plants to prolong the growing season. With plenty of pesto in the freezer the clippings might as well be used somehow in the next meal. Purslane weeds in the garden were also maturing and needed to either be eaten or pulled up … More Basil Cream Sauce

Chilaca Pepper Sauce

This year I grew Chilaca/Pasilla chile peppers for the first time. The Chilaca is a long slim dark green pepper that turns dark brown when ripe. The dried Chilaca is known as Pasilla Bajio (little raisin), or simply Pasilla. The much wider, thicker walled Poblano chile is sometimes incorrectly labeled as Pasilla. The Poblano pepper … More Chilaca Pepper Sauce