Spinach & Mushroom Tart

Spinach and mushrooms combine well as a filling for quesadillas, omelets, crepes etc. Today I used them in savory puff pastry tarts. The combined flavors of the vegetables don’t necessarily require the addition of herbs or spices, although fresh basil would work nicely. Onion, garlic, sweet red pepper, mushrooms and kosher salt, all at the … More Spinach & Mushroom Tart

Quark Tart

The title is a little misleading; I just liked the sound of it.  Quark is just one of the ingredients. I was late getting home from running errands and had less than an hour to put a meal on the table, not enough time to take health or nutrition into consideration. I just started throwing … More Quark Tart

Savory Swiss Chard & Mushroom Tarts With Potato Crust

I’m not sure how the frozen hash brown potatoes found their way into my freezer, but I was determined to put them to good use. I was surprised to see there were only two ingredients besides potatoes, relatively few for a processed food. I tossed the frozen shredded potatoes with a salted beaten egg and arranged … More Savory Swiss Chard & Mushroom Tarts With Potato Crust