Breakfast Tacos

These breakfast tacos are whole wheat tortillas filled with scrambled eggs and skillet potatoes prepared with nopalitos. Ingredients for the skillet potatoes were: cumin seeds onion pickled nopalitos (cactus) potatoes jalapeños * kosher salt oil for sautéing Cumin seeds, onion and jalapeño were sautéed in a combination of olive and canola oils. Potatoes precooked in … More Breakfast Tacos

Veggie Fajita Tacos

If I was served this healthy Tex-Mex dish at a restaurant I would go back and order it again and again. It was that good. The red, yellow and orange bell peppers were chopped chunky style as was the jalapeño, red and white onions and mushrooms. The cauliflower and broccoli were cut into tiny florets. … More Veggie Fajita Tacos

Red Beans & Spinach Tacos With Brown Rice Tortillas

Had another go at brown rice tortillas, this time as a folded taco. I added tomato paste and chipotle Tex-Mex seasoning to some red beans which I had cooked in the Crock-Pot® the other night. Onions, garlic, jalapeños and spinach were sautéed with a little olive oil. I loaded the reheated beans, spinach and water buffalo … More Red Beans & Spinach Tacos With Brown Rice Tortillas