Ultimate Tomato Sauce

This is not the best tomato season I’ve ever seen but it’s not the worst either. The first few tomatoes were pretty sad looking but as summer has progressed they are looking much better. As is often the case, the wild volunteer plants are the healthiest and most productive. Every few days there are enough … More Ultimate Tomato Sauce

Green Tomato Salsa

With subfreezing temperatures predicted for later this weekend I went ahead and picked all the peppers, big and small. I didn’t have much of a garden this year other than a handful of pepper plants and an odd assortment of other individual plants scattered here and there on the property. I allowed much of the … More Green Tomato Salsa

Beyond Caprese

It was going to be a simple salad with just the basic caprese ingredients but it refused to stop there. Ingredients: tomato fresh mozzarella fresh basil parsley red onion cucumber salt cured olives avocado For dressing I used: white balsamic vinegar tomato powder onion powder garlic powder dried parsley water olive oil