This week I started a new batch of cabbage fermenting, made roasted tomato sauce and cooked up some pinto beans without any particular dish or meal in mind for any of these projects. I used bits and pieces of all three in today’s tostadas. A few days ago I started a new batch of red … More Tostadas


I like corn tortillas but have never understood why they are so small. The commercially made ones in my refrigerator aren’t even 6 inches in diameter, barely enough tortilla to fold over a morsel or two.  A tostada made with one of those does not a full meal make, at least not for me, and … More Tostada


Chickpea Salad left over from yesterday, with the addition of more cherry tomatoes and cilantro, became part of today’s bean tostadas. The refried pinto and black beans were seasoned with: chili powder cumin powder oregano chipotle powder black pepper parsley paprika onion powder garlic powder salt    

Black Bean Tostadas

If I had to choose one dish to eat for every meal for the rest of my life tostadas would be on my list of considerations. The combination of corn tortillas and beans constitute a complete protein, in addition there is the cheese. Tostadas also have elements of a salad, and they satisfy my penchant … More Black Bean Tostadas

I’m not sure how to categorize this post. I spent most of the morning attempting to stock up on groceries. Went to my favorite grocery store in a nearby city and was shocked to learn that the store is shutting down permanently in a few days. Most of the shelves were empty. Several of the … More