Muscadine Jam

Muscadines are one of the few grape varieties that thrive in the summer heat of the Southern United States, both in the wilds and backyard arbors. A week or so ago I purchased some from the farm stand just down the road.   The thick skinned grapes are most often used for making wine or … More Muscadine Jam

Eggs For Sale

A few of months ago in early spring we noticed a small structure being built just a short distance from the house on a country road we often travel. We passed that way every week or so, and as construction progressed it looked more and more like it was going to be a produce stand. … More Eggs For Sale

Mushrooms & Fresh Young Veggies In A Folded & Toasted Tortilla

This dish was planned for yesterday’s lunch but hunger crept up too soon, so we enjoyed something equally delicious but quicker to prepare. Since I had already harvested and washed the amaranth seedlings I decided to make this dish for our next breakfast even though Faye isn’t keen on “non-breakfasty” vegetable dishes for her first … More Mushrooms & Fresh Young Veggies In A Folded & Toasted Tortilla


The seasons will change in a couple of days, yet, when I checked the forecast this morning, snowflakes were in the forecast for the second day of spring. I was glad to see that by afternoon the predictions had been modified slightly for the better.   I am anxious to get the spring garden fully … More Spring