Green Pizza Crust

Wild poke greens were used to make this crust, but spinach or any other green would have worked as well. Poke season, which is in early spring, is long past. These greens had been cooked and frozen the year before. The crust was made in the usual way with all the usual ingredients: bread flour, … More Green Pizza Crust

Mulching & Munching

Finally got around to mulching the garden area. Eight bales of wheat straw and I’m still not quite done. The mulch will keep the mud off our feet, discourage weeds, and the weeds that do come up will be easier to pull. It is also hoped that mulching will prevent soil borne diseases from infecting … More Mulching & Munching

Vegetable Powders

Sometimes when there is an over abundance of vegetables coming out of the garden or a good price on produce at the market I have been known to dehydrate and grind them into powder for use in soups, gravies, casseroles etc. or even sprinkled over popcorn. They can add flavor, color and at least some … More Vegetable Powders

Carpenter Bees

Several winters ago we got a fairly heavy snowfall for this part of the country. It didn’t occur to me to clear the snow off the roof of the gazebo. It was so pretty.   One afternoon we heard a tremendous roar and a crashing sound. The roof of one of the neighbor’s barns had … More Carpenter Bees

Green Anoles

A large family of green anoles used to spend their leisure time on the old satellite dish sunning themselves on cool days. There must have been ten or more. Never was sure if I counted them all.     It seems they like the new satellite dish as well.