I fired up the charcoal grill yesterday. For veggies there was cabbage and yellow squash from the garden, sweet onion, fennel, celery and garlic. These were cooked in vented foil with butter, salt and pepper, 12 ounces of beer and a few sprigs of fresh French tarragon. The veggies were one of the first items … More Cookout

A Flying Adventure

Yesterday was our grandson’s 10th birthday. Our birthday present to him was the opportunity to know what it feels like to fly. We met him and our daughter in Fayetteville, NC yesterday to view some indoor skydiving so he would know what to look forward to for his flying adventure today. It was interesting observing … More A Flying Adventure


Lunch was pretty good… … but checking on the wren family was just as interesting. This is the nest I relocated from inside the charcoal grill into a cardboard box on top of the freezer on the porch. Last time I checked on them a few days ago there were still eggs in the nest. … More Lunch?

For The Birds

Recent events in the kitchen have largely involved salads made from ingredients grown in the garden, so nothing new or spectacular to report there. While there has been steady progress in the garden the changes haven’t been significant enough to be worthy of mention. So, this post is for the birds. I used to look … More For The Birds

Onion, Mushrooms & Nopalitos Galette With Blue Cheese

I really stepped outside my comfort zone. I am in no way a pastry maker. Most of my few attempts at anything resembling a pastry involved store-bought pre-made pastry dough. Today I made my own dough with whole wheat pastry flour (and real butter), but this post is more about the filling. I sautéed sliced … More Onion, Mushrooms & Nopalitos Galette With Blue Cheese