Beyond Waldorf

Basic Waldorf Salad is commonly comprised of red skinned apples, celery, red seedless grapes, toasted walnuts and a mayonnaise dressing. What I did here is in similar fashion with slightly different plus additional ingredients: Honey Crisp apples sliced fennel Sapphire Sweet grapes toasted walnuts fresh crunchy Barhi dates red onion green bell pepper red ripe … More Beyond Waldorf

Idli Made With Poblano Chiles & Pani Puri Pani

Yesterday we enjoyed Pani Puri with potato masala filling along with salad for our midday meal. I saved the unused “pani” and made use of it in our breakfast idlis this morning. I roasted, deseeded, rinsed and peeled a few small poblano chiles from the garden and blended them with the leftover “pani.” There was only … More Idli Made With Poblano Chiles & Pani Puri Pani

Grapes, Fennel & Fresh Dates Salad With Sesame/Almond Crackers

I found these black seedless grapes, called Sweet Sapphire, in the local grocery store. They are unusually long and slender and deliciously sweet.   Another unusual item I ran across recently was fresh Barhi dates. I hadn’t seen these since moving away from Southern California 31 years ago. They are crunchy and slightly sweet when … More Grapes, Fennel & Fresh Dates Salad With Sesame/Almond Crackers


As part of my recovery following surgery I am encouraged to walk at least a mile every day. I am fortunate to live in the country and to have the privilege of walking on the neighbor’s 70 acre property.   I did my usual early morning walk and joined Faye later in the day when … More Walking

Cilantro/Lime/Corn Sauce Over Jackfruit Stuffed Hatch Chiles

I roasted and froze most of the Hatch green chiles we purchased recently but saved out a few for stuffing.  The ones roasted over charcoal are too well cooked to hold up for stuffing but chiles charred with a torch flame readily shed their skins but remain fairly firm. The charred chiles were covered with … More Cilantro/Lime/Corn Sauce Over Jackfruit Stuffed Hatch Chiles

Hatch Chile Sandwich

I have been neglectful posting on the blog of late. It hasn’t been for lack of worthy subject matter, but rather, due to laziness and distraction with other interests. A parcel containing 5 pounds of fresh Hatch, New Mexico chiles was delivered to our porch today. Faye had ordered them early in the spring. We … More Hatch Chile Sandwich

Lehman’s Hardware

We have been wanting to install a hand pump on our well to provide us access to water during emergencies. When the power goes out so does our ability to get water from our well, and we sometimes lose power for days and weeks at a time in summer, autumn and winter due to summer … More Lehman’s Hardware

Ultimate Tomato Sauce

This is not the best tomato season I’ve ever seen but it’s not the worst either. The first few tomatoes were pretty sad looking but as summer has progressed they are looking much better. As is often the case, the wild volunteer plants are the healthiest and most productive. Every few days there are enough … More Ultimate Tomato Sauce


It was over a year ago we were in Charlotte for an appointment and arrived much too early. Living away from the city in the country, as we do, it is impossible to estimate drive time for a commute into the city regardless the time of day. We always allow an extra 30 to 45 … More CHEF’STORE