Vegan Fu Yung

A few days ago I made a vegetarian version of Egg Fu Yung, and this morning, for no particular reason, I made a vegan chickpea-flour pancake in similar fashion. To make the pancake I sautéed onions, mushrooms and moth beansprouts in toasted sesame oil.   While the vegetables were sautéing I prepared the batter which … More Vegan Fu Yung

Beyond Waldorf

Basic Waldorf Salad is commonly comprised of red skinned apples, celery, red seedless grapes, toasted walnuts and a mayonnaise dressing. What I did here is in similar fashion with slightly different plus additional ingredients: Honey Crisp apples sliced fennel Sapphire Sweet grapes toasted walnuts fresh crunchy Barhi dates red onion green bell pepper red ripe … More Beyond Waldorf

Idli Made With Poblano Chiles & Pani Puri Pani

Yesterday we enjoyed Pani Puri with potato masala filling along with salad for our midday meal. I saved the unused “pani” and made use of it in our breakfast idlis this morning. I roasted, deseeded, rinsed and peeled a few small poblano chiles from the garden and blended them with the leftover “pani.” There was only … More Idli Made With Poblano Chiles & Pani Puri Pani

Grapes, Fennel & Fresh Dates Salad With Sesame/Almond Crackers

I found these black seedless grapes, called Sweet Sapphire, in the local grocery store. They are unusually long and slender and deliciously sweet.   Another unusual item I ran across recently was fresh Barhi dates. I hadn’t seen these since moving away from Southern California 31 years ago. They are crunchy and slightly sweet when … More Grapes, Fennel & Fresh Dates Salad With Sesame/Almond Crackers


As part of my recovery following surgery I am encouraged to walk at least a mile every day. I am fortunate to live in the country and to have the privilege of walking on the neighbor’s 70 acre property.   I did my usual early morning walk and joined Faye later in the day when … More Walking