Vegetable Powders

Sometimes when there is an over abundance of vegetables coming out of the garden or a good price on produce at the market I have been known to dehydrate and grind them into powder for use in soups, gravies, casseroles etc. or even sprinkled over popcorn. They can add flavor, color and at least some … More Vegetable Powders

Carpenter Bees

Several winters ago we got a fairly heavy snowfall for this part of the country. It didn’t occur to me to clear the snow off the roof of the gazebo. It was so pretty.   One afternoon we heard a tremendous roar and a crashing sound. The roof of one of the neighbor’s barns had … More Carpenter Bees

Green Anoles

A large family of green anoles used to spend their leisure time on the old satellite dish sunning themselves on cool days. There must have been ten or more. Never was sure if I counted them all.     It seems they like the new satellite dish as well.    

Couldn’t Decide

There was leftover pizza sauce and leftover refried black beans. Should I use the pizza sauce to make pizza, or use the beans to make nachos? Using an ultra thin crust I did a little of both. The sauce was spread on the outer portion of the crust and the black beans in the middle. … More Couldn’t Decide

Cold, Sweet & Hot — Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramelized Pears & Chili Glazed Pecans

To make room for recently purchased chili peppers I used the older ones to make a sweet/hot syrup. I have done this before using Turbinado sugar. This time I used Panela, an unrefined cane sugar which is essentially the same as jaggery of Southern Asia.     The types of chilis used were green and … More Cold, Sweet & Hot — Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramelized Pears & Chili Glazed Pecans