Upma Leftovers

Upma (uppama), a savory South Indian dish made with semolina (cream of wheat/sooji), was my favorite breakfast as a child and still is. I was a picky, light eater, but when it was upma for breakfast I had second and third helpings. There isn’t likely to be much leftover upma around here, but if there … More Upma Leftovers

A Moringa Morning

I trimmed off the top of my moringa plant because it is getting rather tall and it will need to be brought inside the house for the winter. I’m hoping that topping the tree will encourage it to branch out and not just grow straight up with a single trunk.   I had never used … More A Moringa Morning

Summer Squash Upma

Speaking of the abundance of yellow summer squash accumulating in the refrigerator, Faye stated that she intended to make a squash quiche the following day, but no, she didn’t want to do it for breakfast. So, then, what did she request for breakfast? Upma. Upma is a dish which frequently appears on our breakfast table. … More Summer Squash Upma

Cauliflower Upma

Cauliflower is a versatile vegetable and one of the easiest to hide in a dish or disguise as something else. Cooked cauliflower prepared in the fashion of a potato salad offers a similar taste sensation with a different set of nutrients. Potatoes and cauliflower can be mashed together in equal amounts without anyone suspecting the presence … More Cauliflower Upma

Red Rice Upma

This morning I used precooked red rice to make upma. First I roasted seeds and spices in a skillet with coconut oil: split chana dal split urid dal stick cinnamon cardamom pods cloves mustard seeds white poppy seeds coriander seeds cumin seeds peanuts cashews curry leaves Then I added the cooked red rice, golden raisins, … More Red Rice Upma

Green Upma

We were planning to go see an early afternoon movie so decided the best way to schedule our meals was to eat a hearty late morning brunch and then eat out on the way home later in the afternoon. That meant there was plenty of time to make upma, this time with spinach. I sautéed … More Green Upma