Vegetable Rice

Not feeling particularly wordy today. This is what happened for lunch: Mustard oil, cumin seeds, crushed cardamom seeds, crushed coriander seeds, stick cinnamon, cloves, raw cashews, raw peanuts.   Frozen curry leaves and asafetida.   Onion, garlic,  green cayenne chilis and salt.   Carrots.   Frozen cauliflower, frozen peas and frozen fenugreek leaves.   Coconut. … More Vegetable Rice

A Moringa Morning

I trimmed off the top of my moringa plant because it is getting rather tall and it will need to be brought inside the house for the winter. I’m hoping that topping the tree will encourage it to branch out and not just grow straight up with a single trunk.   I had never used … More A Moringa Morning

Poke Greens Paneer

I usually make my own paneer but we had picked some up at the store recently and it needed to be used up. Palak Paneer is my favorite way to enjoy paneer, after all, I never turn down an opportunity to include greens in my diet. I decided to use pokeweed for the greens in … More Poke Greens Paneer


I usually start to lose interest in the garden this time of year. Some crops have completed their lifecycle and have been harvested, and others have worn out their welcome and have become a bore. Yellow squash has run its course, and I quit harvesting beans weeks ago, letting them grow long and gnarly.   … More Peppers…

Fruit Salad

On our most recent trip to Patel Brothers we purchased a couple boxes of Ataulfo mangoes. I had initially picked up one box, but at the register was told they were “buy one get one free,” so of course I grabbed another.   Most of the mangoes have now been cut and frozen.   We … More Fruit Salad

Pani Puri

Lunch today was a new and wonderful experience for me. Somehow, despite having lived in India for twelve years, I never witnessed or experienced Pani Puri during that time. Pani Puri is more than just a bite to eat. It is indeed an experience. It is an activity with a specific procedure which is an … More Pani Puri