Fruitless Fruitcake

This post should come with a slew of warning labels, disclaimers, full disclosures, user agreements and paragraphs of legalese in fine print. A user agreement would require that any and all information related herein, good or bad, be disregarded and be considered useless if not dangerous and should not be tried at home. I have … More Fruitless Fruitcake

Meal For One

After 43 years of marriage and not even a week after my 66th birthday my wife left me… alone… again. This is not the first time. It happens every year about this time. Faye goes to Arizona for the annual get-together with her Canadian sisters. Meanwhile, until she returns, I am left on my own … More Meal For One

Avocado Toast

I am a fermented foods aficionado. At any given time there is likely to be some kind of vegetable or fruit being fermented. Fermented foods can always be found in my refrigerator, everything from yogurt, to sauerkraut, to cucumbers, hot sauces, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, garlic and onions.   I am a fan of fermented foods … More Avocado Toast

Packing Heat

I’ve been packin’ heat in the kitchen lately. I probably wouldn’t purchase a heat gun specifically for culinary use. One was needed one to repair some scratches on our kayaks. It usually sells for around $20, but this one was on sale for about $10.   I prefer fried eggs to be tender with little … More Packing Heat

Shaved Vegetable Soup

The first killing frost in these parts typically occurs the first week in November, so time is running out to harvest all the peppers, preserve basil (if I so choose) and bring in tender plants like curry leaf and moringa. Below ground crops like sweet potatoes, turmeric, ginger and peanuts will keep just fine in … More Shaved Vegetable Soup