Gluten Steaks

It is always somewhat of an experiment anytime I make a seitan or gluten dish. I’m always striving to improve on the flavor and texture, not that it wasn’t delicious the last time or the time before. My experience with seitan goes way back to childhood when I was sometimes tasked with washing the dough … More Gluten Steaks

Red Beans & Quinoa

I have never had authentic Louisiana style Red Beans & Rice, mostly because neither pickled pork or andouille is my thing. I can only guess if my version even comes close to the real deal. On this occasion it was red beans and quinoa instead of rice. Onion, garlic, red and green jalapeños and celery … More Red Beans & Quinoa

Tex-Mex Salad

Six recently purchased avocados ripened at the same time, so it seemed like a good time to make a salad. By the time a little bit of this was added to a little bit of that there was as much salad as the two of us would be able to eat, so there are still … More Tex-Mex Salad