Salad Bowl

It may be too soon to do another post about salad in a tortilla bowl, but I can tell you it’s not too soon for me to want to experience one again. The freeform bowls were made with tortillas brushed with olive oil and baked at 350ºF.   Black beans were seasoned with cumin, chili … More Salad Bowl

A Very Good Sandwich

With red ripe tomatoes from Georgia in the house anything other than sandwiches for lunch would have been a poor decision. On whole wheat toast: olive oil mayo mixed with homegrown horseradish sliced red onion romaine lettuce arugula spinach MorningStar Farms® veggie bacon strips fontina cheese sliced tomato salt pepper  

Garden Salad With Buttermilk / Gorgonzola / Lemon Balm Dressing

Anytime I decide to eat salad for breakfast you can be sure that Faye will choose to opt out and eat something else. The very thought of a cold salad for breakfast makes her shudder. Many of the ingredients in my salad were picked fresh early this morning from the garden: romaine lettuce, cress, arugula, … More Garden Salad With Buttermilk / Gorgonzola / Lemon Balm Dressing