Pizza With Roasted Tomatoes, Peppers Mushrooms & Spinach

Tomatoes coming out of the garden aren’t the nice big slicing variety. In fact, many of them are produced by wild plants that came up voluntarily like weeds. The small, tough skinned tomatoes are better suited for making tomato sauce than sandwiches. I oven roasted a few of these tomatoes with a spritz or two … More Pizza With Roasted Tomatoes, Peppers Mushrooms & Spinach

Chilaca Pepper Sauce

This year I grew Chilaca/Pasilla chile peppers for the first time. The Chilaca is a long slim dark green pepper that turns dark brown when ripe. The dried Chilaca is known as Pasilla Bajio (little raisin), or simply Pasilla. The much wider, thicker walled Poblano chile is sometimes incorrectly labeled as Pasilla. The Poblano pepper … More Chilaca Pepper Sauce