Couldn’t Decide

There was leftover pizza sauce and leftover refried black beans. Should I use the pizza sauce to make pizza, or use the beans to make nachos? Using an ultra thin crust I did a little of both. The sauce was spread on the outer portion of the crust and the black beans in the middle. … More Couldn’t Decide

Pizza With Roasted Tomatoes, Peppers Mushrooms & Spinach

Tomatoes coming out of the garden aren’t the nice big slicing variety. In fact, many of them are produced by wild plants that came up voluntarily like weeds. The small, tough skinned tomatoes are better suited for making tomato sauce than sandwiches. I oven roasted a few of these tomatoes with a spritz or two … More Pizza With Roasted Tomatoes, Peppers Mushrooms & Spinach

A Very Confused inside-out, upside-down Biscuit Pizza

A tube of biscuit dough somehow ended up in my shopping cart the last time I went grocery shopping. Imagine my horror and chagrin at the discovery nwhen I was back at home putting the groceries away. Perhaps another shopper and I momentarily confused each other’s cart for our own. I hope they enjoy the … More A Very Confused inside-out, upside-down Biscuit Pizza

Friday Night Pizza!

There was a time when (for I won’t tell you how many decades) Friday night was without fail pizza night. Then suddenly we were burned out on pizza and it rarely crossed our minds… until a snow storm was predicted in the South where snow storms are not so common. Without forethought, as if something … More Friday Night Pizza!


I made this simple tomato sauce with mushrooms today and a WordPress friend made a remark regarding pizza this weekend. Even though I had no such plans, myself, it got my imagination and cravings going. Next thing I knew I was putting together a pizza midweek, not even waiting until the weekend. Friday night used … More Pizza