Quinoa Salad

You may recall the quinoa and carrots mentioned in my last post. I had cooked more than was needed for that dish and there was plenty left for a couple subsequent meals.   The next day some of the precooked quinoa and carrot was used to make a salad. Ingredients added to the precooked quinoa … More Quinoa Salad

Red Beans & Quinoa

I have never had authentic Louisiana style Red Beans & Rice, mostly because neither pickled pork or andouille is my thing. I can only guess if my version even comes close to the real deal. On this occasion it was red beans and quinoa instead of rice. Onion, garlic, red and green jalapeños and celery … More Red Beans & Quinoa

Breakfast Tomato Bake

Some of my favorite ingredients for omelets or frittatas are included in this stuffed tomato dish: sweet onion ripe jalapeño cilantro feta cheese And of course: eggs kosher salt   A melon baller is a handy tool for hollowing out the tomato.   I put some precooked quinoa in the bottom of the greased ramekins … More Breakfast Tomato Bake

Quinoa Salad On A Bed Of Arugula, Cress & Tomatoes

  We’ve had these dried goji berries in the cupboard for a long time and haven’t really done anything with them, probably because they aren’t particularly flavorful. There is a long list of claims for the health benefits of goji berries, but, not surprisingly, most claims are unconfirmed. It seems that many foods and beverages … More Quinoa Salad On A Bed Of Arugula, Cress & Tomatoes