Building A Sandwich

Despite cucumbers being on the menu daily we are not keeping up with production. I’ve already made a tiny batch of refrigerator pickles, and I foresee more pickling in the future.   The cucumber feature on today’s menu was in a sandwich. Part of a loaf of Cuban bread (that’s what the bakery called it) … More Building A Sandwich

Veggie Burger

Does anyone remember these? No! not for that!… For keeping your feet warm in bed on cold nights.   We are making use of our hot water bottles this weekend because our furnace quit working Friday evening. Of course it would happen after businesses have shut down for the weekend. We have the wood stove … More Veggie Burger

Chewable Beverage

For my supper I fixed this refreshing beverage which requires a little chewing. It was made up of finely chopped jalapeño, tomato, sweet onion, cilantro and cucumber to which I added chilled V8 Juice into which had been blended a couple pinches of xanthan gum to keep the chopped vegetables suspended in the drink. I … More Chewable Beverage

Greek Omelet/Frittata

I knew we would be taking the kayak out to Cane Creek… …and that called for a hearty breakfast: eggs minced sweet onion minced mild jalapeño (“coolapeño”) spinach fresh basil tomatoes nonfat Greek yogurt feta cheese salt