What did I do when I had 8 avocados and every one of them were ripe…? Made guacamole and put the rest of them in the refrigerator. onion cilantro blanched chopped spinach red bell pepper jalapeno avocado salt black pepper white wine vinegar   Yellow corn tortillas were brushed with olive oil and baked.   … More Guacamole!

Ultimate Tomato Sauce

This is not the best tomato season I’ve ever seen but it’s not the worst either. The first few tomatoes were pretty sad looking but as summer has progressed they are looking much better. As is often the case, the wild volunteer plants are the healthiest and most productive. Every few days there are enough … More Ultimate Tomato Sauce

Baked Aubergine

When I was young eggplant was one of my least favorite vegetables, in fact I pretty much despised it. In recent times I have developed a liking for it. Today I made an eggplant dish that happened to be vegan and it was truly delicious. It was a roasted eggplant with a cashew nut topping … More Baked Aubergine