Last fall, as usual, I dug up all the turmeric and brought the rhizomes into the house for the winter. I loosely tied them in doubled up plastic shopping bags and wrapped that inside a garbage bag. They stayed that way all winter in a dark corner of the house. A couple days ago I … More Turmeric

Shaved Vegetable Soup

The first killing frost in these parts typically occurs the first week in November, so time is running out to harvest all the peppers, preserve basil (if I so choose) and bring in tender plants like curry leaf and moringa. Below ground crops like sweet potatoes, turmeric, ginger and peanuts will keep just fine in … More Shaved Vegetable Soup

Turmeric Harvest

I’m not expecting any deep freezes in the next week or so but I went ahead and harvested all the turmeric and brought it in for the winter.   I disturbed this little guy’s hibernation in the soil.   I will store the turmeric rhizomes with the soil still clinging to the roots wrapped in … More Turmeric Harvest

Baby Sweet Potatoes & Longevity Spinach Breakfast (and turmeric harvest)

A few months ago I planted a sweet potato, not so much to get more potatoes (it was too late in the year) but for the nutritious and tasty edible foliage. As the vines grew from the sweet potato I harvested the leaves to eat and replanted the stem cuttings to start new vines. I … More Baby Sweet Potatoes & Longevity Spinach Breakfast (and turmeric harvest)