Oyster Mushrooms With Ramps, Green Peppercorns & Lo Mein Noodles

We paid a visit to the Super G Mart and, as usual, found some interesting items. I was thrilled to find these baby green mangos which are now on their way to becoming mango pickle. More on them in a later post.   We were browsing the olive section when another customer voluntarily recommended these … More Oyster Mushrooms With Ramps, Green Peppercorns & Lo Mein Noodles

The Yearly Ramps Run

Today we made our annual day trip to the mountains to procure this year’s supply of ramps (ramson). When we travel we like to get an early start, often before daybreak, and travel a ways before stopping to get some breakfast. This is especially advantageous when it’s necessary to pass through a congested urban area … More The Yearly Ramps Run

Last Of The Ramps

Other than a few of the best looking specimens, the rest of this years supply of ramps have been preserved, either by freezing or drying, and put away, committed for use in the distant future. The green leaves were dehydrated and ground into a powder in a coffee grinder which is devoted to herbs and spices … More Last Of The Ramps

Breakfast Sweet Potatoes With Ramps & Jalapeños

Ramps (ramson) season is extremely short, just a few weeks in the spring. Shelf life is even shorter. Leaves start to wilt soon after the ramps are dug, and within a few days the leaves are no longer desirable for fresh raw consumption. This is why, after acquiring some ramps yesterday, I have been including … More Breakfast Sweet Potatoes With Ramps & Jalapeños